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Mason Pearson Sensitive Bristle Brush

Mason Pearson Sensitive Bristle Brush

List Price: $105.00

"This brush is the mercedes/lexus of all brushes out there. I've tried all different kinds and all different prices and this one is definitely worth it."

A handy size (8'"x2'") pure boar bristle brush that has 6 rings of stiff boar bristle tufts. Recommended for use on fine or thinning hair.

Mason Pearson have established a unique reputation for hairbrushes. The reason for this is partly in the design and partly in the versatility of the brushes. The design consists of unique spired tufts of boar bristle, or nylon, or bristle-and-nylon mixture, set in a pneumatic pad so that every tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. In addition the materials are first-class. Mason Pearson brushes are made in different sizes, materials, and colors, at a wide range of prices. There is one for every type of hair.

Boar bristle tufts: This material has the highest reputation for polishing and maintaining normal hair. Natural boar bristles are constructed like your own hair shafts and able to hold moisture - the better to lift away dirt and dust and distribute the natural oil from scalp. This brush is ideal for normal, fine or damaged hair.

Nylon tufts: A nylon brush is good for penetrating the most difficult hair.

Bristle and Nylon tufts: This mixture is a good combination for thick or long hair. It is the ideal brush for anyone just becoming accustomed to brushing his or her hair.

Ladies' hairbrushes: These are made in four sizes - Large, Medium, Handy and Pocket and are available in boar bristle, bristle-and-nylon mixture and nylon. Dark Ruby, Ivory White, Blue or Pink plastic backs are made in all sizes. Light natural wood backs are available models only. Your local Mason Pearson stockist will be happy to show you a price list and a representative selection of brushes.

Men's hairbrushes: These military-style brushes incorporate the same exclusive features as the ladies' hairbrushes - spired tufts and pneumatic pad. They are available in two sizes - large and medium, with a choice of boar bristles, nylon or bristle-and-nylon tufts. Colors: Dark Ruby, Ivory White or natural wood.


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curly hair
Posted by priya on Thu, Sep 17th, 2009
my hair is so curly and silky . how i maintaine it . what type of food i ete today
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