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Men's Curly Hairstyles

Men have always had their own style, whether or not they will admit to it. While men today claim that women are the primpers, perhaps the men in the Victorian period took a little greater interest in a fashionable appearance.

In reality, men are following women in a hot new trend of "hair independence". Men are no longer willing to wear their hair in a certain style "just because" society pressures them to conform.

Men are boldy adopting a wide variety of hairstyles to fit their careers, lifestyles and hair characteristics.

More than ever before men are aggressively pursuing their ideal hairstyle and are willing to cut, color, perm, straighten, curling, gel or blow dry to achieve their ideal look.

While rock stars and celebrities continue to be hairstyle leaders, many male curly hairstyle trends are generated right on the fashion runways of New York and Milan.