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Top 5 Curly Hairstyles We’re Loving Now

Autumn has always been a perfect time of the year to bring in fashion and hairstyle innovations.
Here are 5 hot curly hairstyles we’re loving right now, check them out and get inspired to show off your glamorous, beautiful curls this fall 2012.

1. Blake Lively’s Retro Flowing Curls
Do you love your curly, long hair? So does Blake Lively! Our favorite gossip queen has chosen to wow us with her retro flowing curls. Her retro look gives her the vibe of a royalty, being perfect for a romantic walk in the park, or for pretentious evening events. Both elegant and sexy, this hairstyle is really easy to copy, just curl your hair with a big barrel curling iron, and sweep it aside, and then you are ready to let the men around enjoy the view of your beautiful hair.

2. Taylor Swift's Sweet Curly Ponytail
Taylor looked ultra sweet with her natural and beautiful curls styled in a low side ponytail. Flowing curls on her forehead created a soft, princess like look, while side-swept low pony added a touch of romantic flair. Cute yet chic, this hairstyle is perfect for both formal and casual occasions; you can wear it to a wedding, or enjoy the autumn sun eating an ice-cream.

3. Kate Middleton’s Royal Half- Up Half- Down Hairdo
Princess story with a happy ending, that’s why everybody loves Kate Middleton considered the new Diana of the British royal family. We admire her for her style and grace regarding fashion and hairdos. Kate usually wears her wavy locks down, but sometimes she adds some interest to her style by stying it half up, half down. Her hair on the top area are pined back into a classic bun, while the hair from the back stays free, showing off the beautiful curls.
We are obsessed by this simply yet elegant hairdo.

4. Nicole’s Classic Curly Updo Style
Nicole Kidman has always showed us her ladylike side, being elegant and classy in her choices regarding dresses, jewelry and hairstyles. This tousled updo is perfect for a romantic dinner or just for lifting your hair up in a fashionable way. This curly updo is easy to obtain, you just need some clips, a mirror and a little patience.

5. Alicia Keys and Her Natural Curly Style
We all love Alicia Keys for her talent and her extremely beautiful voice, but who doesn't love her enviable curly hairstyles? Here is one of our favorite Alicia’s curly hairstyles. Rocking a head full of tight curls, Alicia Keys looks chic and cool. We love how natural curls soften her face and let her beautiful features do all the talking.
This edgy and natural look is easy to get: apply a quarter-size amount of leave-in conditioner onto damp hair to keep strands looking healthy and get voluminous appearance, then apply a curl-enhancing balm and let air dry.

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