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Alicia keys Most Sexy Curly Hairstyles

Flaunt your natural curls: take inspiration from Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys has been seen sporting a dazzling array of fashionable hairstyles: straight, curly, up or down. Among all of her gorgeous hairstyles, I think the curly hairstyles work best on her, especially when they have layers and styled with volume.
Here below are some of my favorite Alicia Keys’ sexy curly hairstyles, take a look and get inspiration to let your natural curls shine this summer.

Alicia Heavy Half up, half down curly hairstyle
Alicia Keys half up, half down curly hairstyle
Alicia keys looks elegant with this half up half down curly hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to create.To DIY, just grab the upper half of your hair and pull it back as you smooth it with your hands. Secure it with bobby pins or an elastic.
This hairstyle is simple yet elegant; what’s more, it allows her beautiful features to take the center stage.

Alicia keys volumized ringlest hairstyle
Alicia Keys volumized ringlets
Alicia shows off her beautiful curly mane in her new released single “New Day”. Her hair has tons of curls, which screams sexy and oozes chic at the same time. We love how the curls soften her features and let her stand out in a crowd of straight-haired celebs.

Alicia Keys side-parted Elegant Curly hairstyle
Alicia Keys side-parted elegant curly hairstyle
Alicia keys definitely knows how to make the most of her curly hair. Her medium length locks were styled with tight ringlets, which were shiny and bouncy in all the right places.
Her side-swept bangs add a twist of edgy flair to the whole look.

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