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6 fantastic hairstyles for naturally curly hair

This is for all of you curly heads around the globe. It's official now: the locks, the ringlets, the natural curls are all the rage at the moment.
We have rounded up a collection of the best cuts and hair dos for long and short hair that will allow you to embrace and proudly wear your beautiful natural curls.

Thandie's side sweep

Long hair is a common solution to a curly issue since the length allows the curls to not to get messy and even the tightest locks look absolutely beautiful when they fall down your back in a mass, as  Thandie Newton proves here. She sports a side parting and her hair is swept to the side which gives it an extra sexy edge.
Solange's prefect center
Experimenting with the parting is an option if you want a change from your current hairstyle. The center parting that Solange Knowles opted for here will look great with any face shape, from oval to round, and bringing up the volume with these locks will beautifully frame your face.
Beyonce's lovely hue
If you have been sporting long tresses for a while now and don't want to part with them but need a change, take a page out of Beyonce's book. She is the queen of long locks in every shape and form and one of the ways she does it, is by wearing a different hue every now and then. Here she is sporting many shades of honey. The secret is to get the lighter color on top, which gives an extra brilliance to her features.
Halle's playful curls
This is for those among you who are not into long locks, or who have been growing out their relaxed hair. Halle Berry proves that short and natural can go together and look stunning, too! She is sporting very tight curls cut short at the back with slightly longer bangs leaving a few playful strands around her face.
Rihanna's bold bangs
Bangs will never look good with curls? Say, what? You have to take these words back when you look at Rihanna here. Her lovely natural locks and bangs that fall down on her forehead are a gorgeous combination that can't leave you indifferent. And that wonderful burgundy hue – a fantastic do that makes heads turn wherever you are. 
Kerry's romantic pull back
You're not a fan of bangs? You prefer to keep your locks out of your face? No worries, we have something just right for you. Let lovely Kerry Washington inspire you with her short do where no unruly locks spoils the oval of her face. The lock are slightly flattened at the top to keep them from falling over to the front, which prefectly shows off Kerry's delicate features.

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