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5 tips for the curly hairstyle of your dreams

Tired of your messy, voluminous, curly hair? Tired of using the flat iron and praying that your hair will just cooperate with you in the morning?
Yeah, I know your feelings. Those gals with straight hair don’t know how lucky they are and how easy they have it when it comes to styling.
Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. Here are some great tips for styling that rebel, curly hair of yours, you’ll start to love your natural curls in no time.

                              curly hairstyle tips

Tip 1: Use a moisturizing hair conditioner when you wash your hair. If you want to have a flexible hair, you have to make sure that it reaches the right degree of moisture, which is extremely good for the soft curls you dream about.
Tip 2: Always use cosmetics for your hair which contain olive oil or coconut oil. This is another way to hydrate your curls and make them soft and easy to style.
Tip 3: Apply the products when the hair is still wet, after a shower or a bath. This will help neutralizing the curls and prevent the hair to become the frizzy mess you hate. Let the products applied dry along with your hair.
Tip 4: Blow dry your roots without the diffuser, then attach the diffuser for your ends. This way you will prevent losing water when drying your hair.
Tip 5: Sun's powerful rays are harmful to your hair, remember to apply products specially designed to protect hair from sun damage, and it’s also a good idea to wear a hat to protect your hair when you’re outdoors.

Now, nice, soft and shiny curls are yours! Have fun styling your hair and enjoy your beautiful curls. Who needs straight hair anymore?

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