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Curly Hair Care Tips

Curly hair tends to be dryer and more brittle, so it needs better care. Here are some tips to manage your curly hair.

Why is some curly hair and some straight hair?

Hair is curly or straight, depending upon the number of disulfide bonds between hair proteins found in the hair shaft.

The greater the number of links, the curlier the hair, and the fewer the number of links, the straighter the hair.

Hair is primarily composed of keratin, a protein, which grows from a sac called the follicle. Cells in the hair follicle generate keratin, and various other proteins, which become a part of the hair shaft. These proteins contain sulfur atoms, and when two of these sulfur atoms pair up and bond, they form a disulfide bond. If the two sulfur atoms in the same protein are at a distance, and join to form the disulfide bond, the protein will bend.

The amount of humidity in the air not only makes for what some label a "bad hair day," but alters the degree of curliness or of straightness of hair. This occurs when high humidity forces water back into the hair fiber, acts on its protein structure, and forces the hair shaft to return to its original structure.

People can temporarily alter their hair to force it into a straight state, or a curly state, but only on a temporary, not on a permanent, basis. When a straight-haired person gets a "permanent wave," known as a "perm," he or she is chemically forcing the making of strong disulfide bonds. The wave does not stay permanently, because new hair, which is straight, grows in as the "perm" grows out. People with curly hair may chemically alter their hair to give it a straighter appearance, but this, too, is also a temporary solution to a permanent "problem," with the same end result.

When and how should you brush your curly hair?

Curly hair should never be brushed (or touched) when it is dry, as this will cause damage, frizz, and destroy the curl definition. Curly hair should only be brushed while it is wet, after applying conditioner in the shower, or leave-in conditioner after towel drying. It is best to use a wide-toothed comb for brushing and to start by detangling the ends, working your way up. Make sure not to pull or rip through the knots (this will cause breakage and split ends)!

Quick Tips

If you are lucky enough to have lots of curl, show it off! And that doesn't mean that you have to spend hours and hours on the style.

Follow the directions below and you should be able to manage it quite easily.

How To Finger Dry Your Hair?

Things You Need:

-a hairdryer and diffuser (can be used but is not necessary)
-your favorite gel (should be strong holding)
-your favorite hairspray

Step-by-Step Instructions

Shampoo and then blot hair to absorb as much of the water as possible.
Apply a generous amount of hair gel and distribute evenly to your hair.
Using fingers, run them through the hair, lifting and moving the hair forward.

If you are short on time, you can use the diffuser attachment, gently dry your hair.
When hair is dry, and the effect matches the photo, mist with your favorite hairspray to hold the style for the day.

    More Curly Hair Tips and Information


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Posted by sabina basnet on Mon, Nov 2nd, 2009
i have natural curly hair and i want to make it large because i like curly hair. now i am 19 years old but my hair is just comes up to my ear. till now    i never cut my hair. would u suggest me what should i do please.
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Posted by robbin on Mon, Nov 3rd, 2008
how do you get rid of frizz
I just can't figure it out
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Posted by nikki on Sat, Sep 20th, 2008
when hair is frizzy after you wash it,you need to wait until it dries and then flat iron it out.i am a mixed woman so i have two types of hair that i deal with.
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Posted by sarah on Sun, Apr 20th, 2008
my hair is soo frizzy after i take a shower or something, normally. but i want to straighten it. will it be easier to straighten after i do it many times? i mean, will my hair be, idonno, used to it?
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Posted by crissy on Sat, Apr 19th, 2008
i have that same problem ive found that after i get out of the shower and use curl defining moose helps. i apply some and scrunch my hair then i defuse it with a defuser
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Posted by Patty on Wed, Feb 27th, 2008
my hair becomes frizzy when it is dry,do you know what i should do?
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