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How to Choose Hair Products for Curly Hair

When caring for our curly hair, it is important to use products suitable for our hair type and texture.

Whether you have frizzy, soft, coarse, dry, oily, natural, textured or relaxed hair, it is important to use special curly hair products that aid the hair while preventing breakage. It's crucial that you keep your curly tresses as healthy and natural as possible by using the right product for your hair. Try to stay away from products with alcohol, sodium, petroleum or wax, which may dry and clog pores and leave hair brittle and sticky. Your hair and scalp need to be able to breathe freely so that you can grow luxurious healthy hair.

You should not be compromising your beautiful curly hair to just any curly hair product. It's crucial that you use a deep cleansing shampoo to clean the root and scalp to avoid product buildup at the follicle.

Although it may be hard to find curly hair products without many of the above mentioned ingredients, it is important to use the product that gives you the best results. If a product you use has one of the above-mentioned product ingredients, but gives you the sheen and manageability don't abandon it immediately. It is just suggested that if you can use products that do not clog the pores and follicles it may be more advantageous to your hairs future health.

Try to use it in moderation but in the mean time, shop around for products without these ingredients. Ask friends, your stylist or a beauty expert for assistance in finding the best product. There are always new products being developed to meet the growing demands of the health conscious consumer.

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Posted by T. Mendes on Sat, Aug 2nd, 2008
Profectiv by Strength of Nature has products that have lots of essential oils and no petrolatum or mineral oil. I've used the MegaGrowth Growth Lotion and it feels wonderful on my hair and scalp. The whole MegaGrowth line is great for my curly, 3b/c type hair. If it works on mine, it should work on less curly hair types.
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