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How to Creat Various Waves by Using a Curling Iron

If you want big, bouncy waves, use a curling iron with a very wide diameter. For tighter curls, use one that has a narrower diameter. The bigger the barrel, the bigger the curl!

Here's some tips about how to choose the right curling iron for the type of look you want:

  1. Big Waves
    A curling iron that is 2 inches in diameter will create large, loose waves in longer hair, or help smooth short hair. TIP: Wrap large sections around iron to smooth... wrap small sections to create waves.
  2. Slight Waves
    A curling iron about one-and-a-half inches in diameter will create nice, soft waves. TIP: Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron, then clip each section to head. When cool, release pins and run fingers through hair.
  3. Big Curls
    The size used to create large curls is usually three-quarters to one inch in diameter. TIP: Spritz small sections with mousse, then wrap them around iron and hold for five seconds. Release curling iron, let hair cool, then use fingers to separate curls.
  4. Tight Curls
    The size used to create tight curls is usually only three-eighths in diameter... these narrow curling irons produce a ringlet effect. TIP: Wrap small sections from ends to roots in a spiral. Hold five seconds. Release curl, then let cool... spritz with hairspray, but do not touch!

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