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A New, Healthier Way to Curl Hair

Want a headful of locks without split ends? Do you spend restless nights sleeping on rollers? The new Microwaves Heat Cap may be your salvation.

Here's how it works: Just set your dry hair in rollers, heat the cap in the microwave for a minute or two and slip it over the rollers for about three minutes. "Special hygroscopic material inside the cap releases moisture, so there's less damage to your hair than most hot rollers and curling irons," says the Good Housekeeping Institute chemistry director John Calindas, who tested the reusable product on five staffers.

To find out if the Heat Cap is easier to use than a curling iron or hot rollers, women with various types of hair tried each product for two days. The result: More than half picked the Microwaves Heat Cap for comfort. "I'd use the cap over hot rollers any day," reported one tester. "With the curling iron, I have to cook my hair to achieve similar curls," said another. "And the cap is soft," replied a third.

In another GHI test, hair swatches were curled using the same three devices, and then the ends were examined under a microscope for splitting. Our chemists found damaged ends on swatches curled with the iron and the rollers, but not with the Heat Cap.

Added benefit: You may be able to catch up on some beauty sleep. One panelist with long hair preferred the cap to an iron because it cut her hairdo time in half!

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Posted by Cindie on Fri, Oct 10th, 2008
I just roll my hair in rollers when its almost dry and then the curl really stays awesome. Totally NO damage to your hair...try the good old fashioned pin curls type curls...blow dry outside if you want them finished quicker but when you take them down you would never know you did not use heat. Much better for your locks.
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Posted by Amanda on Thu, Apr 10th, 2008
I have medium thick long layered hair and would love to try this cap to see if it gives me better curl. I feel like I have bought everything under the sun and nothing gives me a really great curl.
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Posted by Jennifer on Thu, Dec 13th, 2007
where can we get this product?
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