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Steal 5 Celebrity Curly Hairstyles for Your Wedding

Looking for a great curly wedding hairstyle? We've picked 5 curly looks from the red carpet, which are gorgeous enough for wedding yet incredibly easy to achieve. Follow our simple steps and steal them!

Leighton Meester's Sweet Updo with Loose Tendrils

Step 1: apply a moisturizing gel and dry hair with low heat
Step 2: curl hair with CHI Professional Ceramic1" Curling Iron into allover ringlets
Step 3: section hair into three closely clustered knots at the back and secure with bobby pins
Step 4: pull out a few loose tendrils around the ears

Tips: do try this if you have a bright, beautiful forehead.

Scarlett Johansson's Side Swept Big Waves

Step 1: wash hair and blow dry
Step 2: apply some on the roots and curl hair into big waves
Step 3: backcomb the hair, diminishing the tight curls but keeping the body, and sweep it across the nape of the neck to one side
Step 4: free a 2-inch section of hair in the front, secure the rest with bobby pins
Step 5: shape the loose hair into a few big waves with a 1-inch curling iron, using TIGI Bed Head Maxxed-Out Massive Hold Hair Spray to set.

Tips: this 'do is perfect for oblong or heart faces but won't do for a square face.

Ellen Pompeo's Sexy and Understated Chignon

Step 1: wash hair and blow dry.
Step 2: apply Redken Fresh Curls Curl Boost Spray Gel while backcombing the hair to build up volume at the crown
Step 3: pull the hair into a disheveled side bun 2 inches behind the ear and secure it with bobby pins.

Tips: Accent this low-maintenance style with a jeweled clip or flower.

Evangeline Lilly's Center-parted Long Curls

Step 1: straighten just-washed hair with a blow dryer and a round brush (Mason Pearson Sensitive Bristle Brush recommended).
Step 2: curl small sections of hair with a CHI 1" curling iron'leaving the roots flat and only styling the lower half of the hair.
Step 3: spray each section with curl booster for hold
Step 4: complete the look with a shot of hairspray to add shine.

Molly Sims' Romantic Waves with Bangs

Step 1: wash locks with TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Curly Hair Shampoo and blow dry the hair straight with a round brush
Step 2: twist random strands before wrapping them around a 1" curling iron for loose waves.
Step 3: pull the sides into a small ponytail (leaving the bangs) and pin a thin section of hair around the elastic to conceal it.

Tips: Rectangular faces won't regret wearing this hairstyle.

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