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Make Soft Curls by Hair Rollers

Recently Ive been thinking some advice for Curly Hairstyle, since my friend Kelly wants to create very soft curls at the bottom of her hair, similar to Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan do their hair (her hair almost down to her tail bone). She told me that she went to the hair salon before and the hairstylist said a 2 inch barrel wouldnt hold a curl in her hair, but she wants medium to large soft curls, not small ringlets.

She asked me that could this styles be achieved with curlers instead of a curling iron and what the size of the barrel should her goes with?

It depends on how straight the hair is and how well it holds curl. The hair of Jessica Simpson or Lindsayin Lohan are lyered, so if hers isn't, it will look a little different but still beautiful. For example, my sister's hair is straight as a board.

I like using sponge rollers on her hair(it doesn't hold heat curling much at all unless I use a ton of hairspray). I put them in while her hair is damp and she sleeps on them and I take them out the next morning. The curl lasts all day.  

Another, she could achieve the style with rollers. It will actually be easier to do than with a curling iron. Large curls are tricky to achieve with one. She could either use hot rollers or velcro rollers and just apply some heat with her blow dryer.

The hair rollers would have to be large because her hair is so long. Or medium and just roll them up half way up. Apply a heat protectant first like Redken heat glide. Just a tiny bit on the ends. Make sure it really rubbed between the hands before applying. It will protect the hair ends and add tons of shine. Before taking out the rollers, lightly spray hair with a light hold hair spray (hold the bottle several inches away and just mist the hair with it). Let it set. Then remove the rollers and do not brush. Finger style and shape the curls with your hands. Lightly spray again if necessary. She can get the velcro rollers at Target. They have a pack that contains about 3 different sizes. It will take some practice to achieve perfection but it will happen.

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Posted by Emergency on Fri, Dec 23rd, 2011
i really need help. Well, I want to buy a curling iron, do you know where 2 buy them? I am from Singapore. thank you
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Posted by Melissa on Tue, Aug 23rd, 2011
any tips about taming the frizz? I love curls but my hair is fine and thin that becomes really frizzy once curled. Any good product recommended?
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Posted by Joan L Noseworthy on Thu, Sep 24th, 2009
Do they make the hair rollers that had the metal and plastic net around them and you used a large bobby pin or hair clip to hold them in?    I have look all over for them.    I have a a lot of baby fine hair that is just below my shoulders.    I do not have a regular hair dryer, just the blower.    Where can I find something that would fit what I need?    Thank you.
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